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Do you remember the other week when we were knee deep in snow? Well for me it was a sign… a sign that I needed to book us a holiday to get away from the cruddy Spring we’re having! So after a bit *read a lot* of casually leaving the laptop open on flight searches and a bit of *read constantly* moaning about how we needed to get away from the building site that is our home, Darren finally gave in and I booked us a cheeky week in Lanzarote! Of course things haven’t run as smoothly as I’d have liked (like Charlie’s passport being expired and not being able to fit in quite a few pairs of last years shorts #sigh) but I’m not letting it get me down! (Nor am I trying to crash diet so I can squeeze my butt into last years swimsuit!) Instead I’m working with what I’ve got and writing this whilst dunking half a packet of malted milk biscuits into my cuppa tea. (who needs buns of steel when you’ve got buns of… well buns! Ha!)

I do have one tiny dilemma though, we are only taking one 20kg suitcase for the four of us… I know, we must be mad! So I have got to try to take a capsule wardrobe which is going to be so hard!! I’m the person who likes to take things just in case!! So I’m trying really hard to whittle my outfit choices down and making sure I’m only taking things that I absolutely will wear and also packing things that go with other things.

If you’ve followed me on Instagram for a while, you’ll know I have a uniform. I’m more often than not in jeans, tee’s and knits and I’m going to pack for my holiday with my same uniform in mind, so first into the case will be my trusty denim cut offs (well 2 pairs actually). Now I’m not 21 anymore so my cut off’s aren’t too cut off, they sit about mid thigh which is a great length for my short legs! (and I can also bend down without sharing parts of my undercarriage!)

Mine are Levis (I have a real thing for Levis cut offs, I think its the button fly)

Mine are old, similar Here and Here

Next up will be a couple of tee’s! I tend to go for plain white or a good striped one (like the one above… Thats H&M, I’ll link similar Here) I really like the mens basic tee’s from Primark (they’re under £2!) but I also have this one from ASOS and this one from Great Plains but is limited stock.

Another absolute essential for me is a cotton shirt (or 2!) I like them for wearing with chino style shorts in an evening (I have these ones from J.Crew) and also as a cover up for the beach. I picked up 2 from H&M last week, one in white and one in blue. They’re £8.99 each so I won’t get too upset if I spill the suncream on them… Ok if I spill my cocktail on them!

Cotton Shirt H&M

I am popping in a couple of dresses too, I’ve just picked this one up from Zara which I think will work great as a cover up as well! 

Printed Button Up Dress

It’s not going to crease either so great for popping into my beach bag should we decide to nip into a bar and grab a little afternoon sangria!

And now the trickiest part of all… shoes! I really wanted to take my red espadrilles…

Red Espadrilles 

But they’re quite bulky and I may only wear them once so I’m opting for two pairs of flats…

Gigi in Navy & White stripe  Black knot vamp sandals Next Sale (Similar Here)

The Gigi’s are so comfy!! and they fold into a little bag so I can pop those into my handbag and its one less thing to put into the case!

I’m sure that I’ll manage right??! (If not there’s a Mango a stones throw from where were staying so I can always top up there haha!)

Ooh I’ve forgotten one thing…. Swimwear! I’m packing 2 swimsuits, I can’t see me needing more than 2…. although I’m really tempted by the Fantasie Lingerie Sainte bikini


The Sainte Bikini 

I’ve not worn a bikini for years (I have such a mum tum!) but this one is high waisted and I love that the top is cup sized! It also comes with a tankini and two different styled bikini tops, great for those with a bigger boob than me (sadly I’m less va va voom, more va va gone!) I used to be a bra fitter back when Darren was at uni, so have worn and loved Fantasie lingerie for years! (gosh… almost 20!) and I know the suit will be worth the investment, I just need to be brave enough to show off my tummy!

So fingers crossed I’ll get my clothes (and toiletries but that’ll be another post… and headache!) below 7kg (I figure the children don’t need much luggage so I’m nicking a kg from each of them!) 

Wish me luck!

Tracey xoxo






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  1. I think it is false economy to limit yourself to 20 kilos for 4 of you. A case each is still a fraction of what the holiday costs
    Why give yourself the extra hassle.

    • I guess it’s each to their own but with airlines charging ridiculous amounts to add on extra luggage I’m happy to give myself the extra hassle.
      Thanks for taking the time to read and reply.

  2. All hail to you Tracey, one case?! Seriously, I fill one case with toiletries and pool toys for my 4! I, like you, take everything “just in case”! Not sure I could ever do a capsule wardrobe x

    • I’m treating it like a challenge! Haha! It’ll be fine, we are going to relax so shouldn’t need many going out clothes (I think they take up the most weight!)
      Thanks for reading!

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