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I could start this blog post by saying I’m sorry I’ve not blogged for a while and bombarded you with a list of excuses why, but the honest truth is I fell out of love with it for a bit! The house move has completely taken over my life at the minute and 5 out of 7 days a week I’m dressed like a scruff in paint splattered clothes so I haven’t felt inspired to write, well…. anything! But today I got the urge to grab the laptop and do a little online browsing! (I also did a teeny tiny bit of in store browsing on Saturday but my buzz from that was quickly flattened by a flippin parking ticket!) Anyway here are a few goodies that have currently caught my eye on starting with these bloody awesome jeans from my fav highstreet store H&M!

Vintage High Jeans £39.99 

I tried these on in store and I absolutely LOVE THEM!!! I’m a huge fan of H&M denim, especially the vintage style and these ones have studs on!! Little star studs!!!! Heres a pic of me in them….

I’m buying these as I can not stop thinking about them! (and there’s 25% off and free delivery with the H&M app at the moment… Bargain!!!) 

Next up its New Look and my favourite Ganni style jumper in Shell Pink!

Pointelle Knit Ballon Sleeve Jumper £24.99

I have this in the Chestnut colour and have worn it to death! Its 100% acrylic so it can be a little sweaty but I’m happy to over look that for the style and the softness!!


Topshop Pointelle Mohair Cardigan £42

More pointelle from Topshop. I adore the colour of this cardigan, its just so pretty and reminds me of something I would have worn as a little girl! It would look amazing with denim or even with a pair of chocolate cords… oh my god would it look good with some chocolate cords!!! (rushes off to find chocolate cords)

Found some!!…

Velvet Corduroy Trousers £69.99

Love, love LOVE theses!!!! I’m a total sucker for a high waist so these are just ticking every box for me!!!


Topshop Pink Velvet Blazer £75

I don’t think theres much else I can add to this! I mean look at it…. Its beautiful! I love the colour and I love how it reminds my of my nan’s old velvet curtains! Its perfect! and with the C word hitting the horizon I think this would be the perfect for popping over your party dress!

So there are a few bits that have caught my eye! I’m also on the look out for a puffa jacket but one that doesn’t make me look like the Michelin Man! I quite like this Bershka one from ASOS…

Mid Weight Padded Jacket £29.99

I’m not sure I’ll look as cool as she does but I’ve ordered it to try so I’ll let you know how I get on!

Oh and in none fashion related news, I’ve just picked Ellie up from gymnastics and run over a nail on the drive so I now have a flat tyre FFS! Pass me the wine!!!

Tracey xoxo


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