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I think it can be all too easy to start pining for hot weather in the deep dark days of January, we start dreaming of spring and bare ankles (although being from the North I still do bare ankles on snow days!) but in my quest to live life a lot slower this year I’m championing Winter and the super cosy Winter wardrobe. I also think that my signature look is definitely more suited to the colder months. I love jeans and if you’ve been following me for a while you will know how I feel about knits! For me the perfect outfit is great fitting denim and an oversized super snuggly jumper…

Jumper is H&M (Sold out similar here) Jeans H&M
Cardigan M&S Jeans H&M
Jumper Designed by me and available through Wool Couture Jeans Levis

I have my eye on an investment knit at the moment (and by eye I mean I have it pinned and lust after it almost every day!) Its the Coco Cardigan from ChunkyMishka and it is beautiful…

I absolutely love how they have used different sized needles to give this cardigan texture, and the sleeves are insane!! Will I buy it… I’m not sure yet. I really need to sell some bits to justify the purchase so I’ll just dream about it for now…

I guess what I’m saying is I have a uniform and I’m totally ok with that. I think it’s good to know what works for you, especially on those days where you wake up and think I HAVE NO CLOTHES AND I DON’T KNOW THAT TO WEAR!! I’m not saying that you shouldn’t experiment, or that because you fit onto one category you can’t try anything else but I truly believe that I feel my best when I’m wearing what suits me. I often find that sharing outfits on Social Media can stress me out (as much as I love it and do it almost daily!) if I’m just wearing jumpers and knits… Is that going to be boring for those who follow me? Maybe, but I hope that those who do follow me do so because of my predictable style!

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  1. It’s totally okay to have a uniform, most of us do (sometimes more than one). It doesnt mean that we wear the same thing every day, but more that we go for similar items and combinations. I wear jeans/trousers and sweaters a lot in the winter, I also swap out the sweater for a tee/blouse and a cardigan. On warmer dry days I’ll quite often go for a blazer instead of a coat, oh and there’s often a scarf involved. You could also say my uniform is anything blue!

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