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As many of you know I’m trying to rain my impulsive spending in and only I’m only buying items that I know will have a better shelf life! But I have to admit, I’ve been weak. I have purchased a couple of fast fashion items and I’m feeling the shame!! Yes I got the buzz when I whipped out my debit card, yes I felt great hanging a new coverted piece into my wardrobe but looking back now, I feel full of regret! Especially with one item where I’ve eagerly yanked the tag out and I know full well I wont wear the bloody thing more than a handful of times! [The item in question is a suedette mac from Primark, it’s just not me and now I’m stuck with it!]

So what have I bought that I am happy with and know will last the test of time [ok at least 20 wears]…

This beautiful soft grey V Neck T from ZARA. I’m a huge fan of V necks and this one hasn’t disappointed me. The V isn’t so low that I feel like I’m flashing my bra and it has a step hem so looks great half tucked [my favourite way to wear a T]

grey T


ZARA Organic Cotton T £5.99

This H&M jumper has been everywhere thanks to a great advertising campaign and the fact its in every doorway of every H&M I’ve been in to! It might not live forever but it’ll definitely outlive its £14.99 price tag.


H&M Cable knit polo neck jumper £14.99

It is a little itchy around the neck so if you know that that would drive you mad I’d avoid buying it.

This beautiful pleated skirt…


H&M Pleated Skirt £29.99

Ok, this was not on my list. I tried this skirt on so many times and lots of things put me off. The price for starters. Its £29.99, which seemed high to me for something that I might only wear this season. Another thing was the actual make up of it! On some of the skirts I’d tried the seams were terrible! Badly matched and slightly puckered so I told myself that it wasn’t to be. But I couldn’t stop thinking about it! So last week I gave it another go and here it is! I did examine every stitch as I wanted it to be perfect and thankfully this one was. Will I wear it next year? Who knows, but its already been on twice so far and each time I fell in love with it a little more. I did size up as the elastic makes the waste a little snug and I didn’t want that awful elastic line across my tummy when I took it off!

This beautiful blouse from Topshop…

topshop shirt

Topshop Short sleeve cropped shirt £29

I wanted an oversized blouse to wear with my wide legged burgundy trousers and this one is beautiful. Its slightly cropped [not so much that you can see my untoned tummy] and I think it’ll look great with my short leather skirt, jeans, the H&M pleated skirt above, in fact nearly every pair of bottoms I own!


And finally THAT F&F coat!

Screen Shot 2016-10-05 at 11.36.43


F&F Leopard Print Boyfriend Coat £29

I’ve been debating a leopard print coat for a long time and never quite had the balls to pull one off! But this one fits my brief perfectly! Its not too leoparyd, not too bulky, not too fury and at £29 not too expensive!

There are just a couple more items I need now to complete my winter wardrobe; new boots but I’m still not ready to commit to any just yet [although I do regret not picking up some beautiful Steve Madden boots I posted on stories last week. They were in the sale at House Of Fraser at £57!] and I’m on the hunt for the perfect pair of black skinny jeans! Any recommendations would be greatly received!

Have a great week and as always thank you so much for reading!


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