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I live in skinny jeans at this time of year, especially black ones. They’re my leggings. I stick them on for the school run, the supermarket shop, a night out and I just know they’re going to hold everything in place. Over the years I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect pair and up until recently I thought I’d found them.

I’d been a huge fan of the H&M £7.99 black skinnies and have worn them for years. What I liked about them was that I could choose my leg length/waist size and up until this year they have always been made of the same gorgeously thick, stretchy denim. A few weeks ago I popped into my local H&M to grab another pair [don’t even need to try them on anymore] and imagine my surprise when I couldn’t even get them over my knees!! The denim is no longer thick and stretchy, more thin and ridged and the sizing seems to have gone to pot!! Needless to say they went straight back and after a little help from one of my favourite IG gals TheFashionCraver I was pointed in the direction of the Topshop Jaime Jeans…

black jeans

Topshop Jaime Jeans £40

These jeans are the bomb!!! They hold you in and they are so comfy. They’ve also brought them out in black velvet!…


velvet jean

Topshop Velvet Jaime Jean £42

I grabbed a pair of these when I was shopping last week, aren’t the just gorgeous! I plan on wearing them with my M&S Archive by Alexa Albian shirt…


M&S Albian Shirt £35

Whilst I was out trying the Jaimes I also popped into a couple of other stores to check out their offerings in the black jean department…


Levis 711 £80

I tried these on in Levis and really liked them. They are a little long for me, not too much of an issue as I find I do have to get my jeans altered [or I take a pair of kitchen scissors to the bottom myself] and I have to say Levis really do give you that peachy bum look! I’ve linked these to La Redoute as they are currently offering £25 off a £50 spend making these jeans only £55!


H&M Coated Skinnies £29.99

Now I know I wasn’t a fan of the £7.99 jeans but I do love these! I already own a pair and wore them when we went out for dinner on our 15th wedding anniversary…


They make me feel like Sandy in Grease! 


M&Co lift and shape slim leg jeans £29

M&Co were kind enough to send me a pair of their jeans to try and I have to say they really do give you a great bum! What I also like is they come in petite so no taking the scissors to these!

So there are my picks for the perfect black skinny jean and here are some perfect ways to style via Pinterest!







Care to share your favourite black skinnies? I’d love to know where you buy yours 💋

T xoxo

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  1. I also love TS jaime but have two pairs of River Island Molly, one in a regular length (for wearing with boots) and one on a short length (for heels/flats). They’re stretchy, comfortable and don’t have front pockets which is great if you’re wearing a fitted top.
    I also tried the H&M ones and couldn’t get them on or a bigger size which made me feel like I’d eaten too many pies 😔! I wish H&M would sort their sizing out in general, it’s impossible to online shop as you never know how each item is sized!
    I also hear New Look so nice jeans but I have yet to try them.

  2. Oh I’ll definitely pop into RI and give them a try, you can never have too many pairs of black jeans! Thanks for the recommendation! xx

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