Style Stealer…

I’m holding my hands up to being guilty of this. With influence everywhere its hard not to be one! I take so much inspiration from Pinterest, Intagram, my friends… and hopefully its seen as a compliment to their fantastic style and not just me ripping them off!

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I am finding its becoming harder and harder to be original anymore though as social media swamps us with thousands of stunning images of beautiful women, young and old with easily achievable looks, and always in that Instagram famous coveted piece of clothing [think about the pleated midi skirt and you’ll know what I mean] It makes me want to look like/dress like them and I’m not ashamed to admit that!

I always make sure I change it up though, I don’t want to be an out and out carbon copy so I’ll add accessories or change the colour pallet, use different textures and play around with length so the inspiration is there but I’m making the outfit my own.

And with that in mind, here are a few inspirational women who’s style I’m always keen to experiment with….

Jacqueline Mikuta @mikutas on IG


Jacqueline is just so effortlessly chic! Everything she wears has me screen shotting or adding to my favourites. This outfit is a dream!

Cindy @boho_addict on IG

Screen Shot 2016-09-09 at 16.45.06

I adore Cindys style and her home! She’s also a mum of two, which always inspires me to try a little harder!

Holly Titheridge @_hollyt on IG

Screen Shot 2016-09-09 at 16.47.02

I love the theme and tone of Holly’s IG, beautifully shot photographs and outfits to die for! This photo of her in a cami dress with the white T is one I’m desperate to recreate!

Ashley @amothersedit on IG

Screen Shot 2016-09-09 at 16.52.32

For me, Ashley has turned dressing like a mum into an art form! I adore her casual street style and I always want to try to recreate her outfits!

And isn’t that why we do this? To inspire other women to step outside of their comfort zone? There are hundreds of women out there whose personal style have me inspired to try something a little different when I choose my outfit for the day and if that makes me a style stealer… Well I’ll happily take that title.


Thank you for reading xx

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  1. Oh nailed another one my darling! Love the content and it’s oh so true too! I love stalking and recreating others style and it has given me the confidence to dress out side the box (not literally of course!) i love all the above style and also you would be on my stylecrush list too! Keep blogging…it’s a fab read! Well done you 💕😘😘

  2. I too love all the style inspiration that there is on Instagram! It’s always great for finding different ways of styling things up and proving to my husband that other people do dress the way that I do too (culottes are something that he will never understand!)

    Loved reading this and agree with Hazel – you’re on the list too 😉😙 xx

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