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I haven’t blogged in a few weeks, If I’m honest I’ve been feeling a bit of imposter syndrome lately and with self doubt always at the forefront of my mind, I let it take over a bit. I mean after all, who really cares what I have to say? But then after a bit of a stiff talking to I remembered that its not about that, my blog is for me to write things down that are important to me, it’s my space and if people (like you) enjoy reading it, well thats blinking great!

So let’s start with a little home update shall we! I’ve finally convinced Darren we needed a new kitchen floor. When we moved in we sanded the boards, stained them and for around 2 weeks they looked great! Sadly for us they really didn’t last the hard traffic of kitchen life (we spend the majority of our time in here) so now they look like crap. The island stools have scratched up the varnish and the gaps in the boards collect so much muck and dust it actually drives me bonkers! So after reading Lisa Dawsons blog on her kitchen renovation we looked into Amtico flooring and fell head over heels for it! We’re going for a parquet design in carved oak with a bronze inlay boarder and we’re taking it into the back hallway too! I honestly can not wait to see the back of these boards, they don’t spark joy, they spark anger and rage every time I see them!

How it was….

How it is now… Urgh!

So with us also changing the hall floor we also decided to repaint in there and buy a new radiator. We’ve gone for London Stone by Farrow & Ball on the walls. I did opt for a colour match paint by Jonstone’s in washable matte because I really needed the paint to be durable, my children have a real nasty habit of running their dirty little hands up the wall instead of using the banister and the paint that was on before used to wipe off onto the sponge every time I washed it down! I’ve painted just about half now, its looking so good!

As for the radiator, after a few strong discussions (read arguments) we (I) finally decided to go with a more petite version of the cast iron radiator we have in the kitchen. The thing that was holding Darren back initially was the price. These radiators are not cheap (not much change from £700) but our hallway is a feature space, it has the original panelled walls, a beautiful stained glass window and it needed something stand out in there to tie these original features together (well that was my ongoing argument!) I love our kitchen radiator so much, it is a thing of beauty and I know that I would never love a standard white radiator the same so I knew in my heart of hearts that if I didn’t shut up about it, he’d eventually give in. And he did. (It arrives tomorrow… I’m very excited!)

Our beautiful kitchen radiator from The Cast Iron Radiator Centre

The only thing we have left to decide on is the stairs. In an ideal world we would have a stair runner with carpet rods but we just can’t make our minds up! The carpet goes up 2 flights and has a large landing in-between and not knowing what to put on the landing is really affecting our choices!

We’d both really like this carpet…

And I love this herringbone one too…

And then I see Sandra’s at The Idle Hands and my heart does a little love flip!

How stunning!! The runner, the anaglypta, the House of Hackney wallpaper… It’s a dream!!

We’ve both agreed that it’s nothing we need to decide on immediately but I am impatient so it kinda is.

Right, I guess thats all for now, that 50% of painting isn’t going to paint itself now is it!

Hope you’re having a great Feb so far, I’m sat in the kitchen writing this and the sun shining through the bifolds, it’s just glorious! Is it safe to call it Spring yet?

Catch you soon!

Tracey xoxo

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