From Bubblegum to Barbie…

I Love Pink!! Will I ever tire of wearing it? I’m pretty sure I won’t!  I popped into town today for a little mooch (for research purposes I promise) and was delighted to see the high street is awash with all things pink! H&M was my first stop as I’d spotted a beautiful oversized cardigan online that I needed to try on, its been reduced from £29.99 to £20.99 (only online though which is pretty typical of H&M) and after a quick rummage I spotted it!


H&M Oversized Cardigan 

Isn’t it beautiful! I’m ordering this as theres no way I’m paying almost a tenner more just to pick it up in store!

Whilst in there I spotted this beauty…


I cant find it on their website but its £17.99 and in the most delicious bubblegum pink!

(I’ve linked a similar one from HERE and I spotted a similar one in Primark)

This gorgeous oversized jumper with side slits is currently in their sale at £19.99


(I need to can this thumbs up pose!!)

They don’t have it in pink online but here it is in Grey

I love this powder pink Velour sweatshirt from And Other Stories…


Pink Velour Sweatshirt £45 

But my nearest AOS is over an hour away So when I saw this super dupe in H&M for £14.99 I had to give it a try…


I desperately wanted to buy this but it had a HUGE pen mark on it and sadly there were no more available in my size! I will hunt it down though and it will be mine!

Next I popped to M&S and tried on THAT Fluted sleeve jumper…


M&S Funnel Neck Fluted Sleeve jumper £35.00

I really like this jumper, the sleeves are just lovely but its too similar to the Zara one I bought last week (see HERE) so I was very good and walked away!

Next to Topshop where I spotted these beauties…


Topshop Wideleg Velvet Trousers £110

These are a smidge (read a lot!) over budget but I just love them!! (they were also ridiculously long!) These ASOS ones are a pretty cute budget friendly version.

And how about this beautiful Pink coat…


Button Seam Coat £79.00

I adore everything about this look…EVERYTHING!!

And last but definitely not least are these adorable baby pink Adidas Gazelle’s from Office…


Adidas Gazelle £74.99

Im not sure how long I’d manage to keep them that beautiful shade of pink….!

So there you go, I’m totally obsessed with pink! But is there such a thing as too much?? (I hope not!)


Thanks for reading!

Tracey xoxo

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