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Here are a few items from Zara that I’m absolutely itching to buy! I’ve still got my sensible head on regarding my spending (which actually worked out quite well throughout January and stopped me buying quite a few impulse one wear items)  but that doesn’t stop a girl from dreaming now does it! 

First up is this absolutely dreamy Jacket! I saw Trinny Woodall style this on her IG and I have to say I’ve fallen head over heal in love with it!! 


Zara Fringed Jacket £79.99

It has that classic Chanel feel to it but the fringing gives it such a modern twist. Absolutely timeless and to be honest I’m not sure how long I’m going to be able to resist it!

Next up is this gorgeous tomato red dress


Zara Off the shoulder Dress £39.99

How perfect would this be for the summer! I love the sleeves, especially as my arms are not my best feature (my skin is definitely starting to get a little crepey as I’m getting older, especially near my underarm) so this would hide that whole bingo wings area perfectly!

I’m absolutely in love with these white wide leg trousers


Zara Flowing Trouser (Ecru) £39.99

The whole silhouette of this outfit is simply stunning. I adore the french style of the trouser with the oversized buttons and the high waist, so chic! I fear these would pool around my ankles sadly but that doesn’t stop a girl from dreaming!

I. Love. Pink. Fact! 


Zara Faux Suede Coat £49.99

This is the perfect transition coat and a great alternative to my ever faithful biker! It also comes in Beige and khaki.

Of course I really want the Chanel cap-toe Ballet flats (who doesn’t!) but as they’re a little out of my price range I’m definitely tempted to try these…


Zara Woven Ballerina £17.99

Sizing is really limited online for these but Zara do have a check your local store option (typically they are not available in my size online or in my local store!!).

So what do you think? Anything there you like the look of?! I’ve only added pieces here that I would genuinely buy/wear as I do feel sometimes I can get carried away lusting over their (for example) beautifully tailored bell sleeve blouses with tie waists! but I know they wouldn’t be in keeping with my personal style (I also have no idea where I’d start with ironing them!)

Hope you have a great week and as always thank you for reading!

Tracey xoxo

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