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Another week has flown by in the blink of an eye and I can’t believe we’re almost in April! The clocks have just gone forward, those lovely light summer evenings are fast approaching and I’m sure it’s almost time to pack away my winter coat and show a little more skin. Of course I have quite a lot of prep work to do before I even think about getting my legs out (or my arms for that matter!) and with us heading off to Marbella in May I need to get started ASAP, so today whilst in Superdrug I popped a few of my hero products into my basket to help with the hefty job becoming summer holiday ready!! Starting with my feet…

Having spent the last 4 months out of sight out of mind it’s time to give my poor old feet some much needed TLC and lets face it, dried old heels really don’t look good when you’re swanning around in your new summer sandals! 


Bare Foot Balm in peppermint & plum £3 (normal price £4.25)

I have the Scholl velvet smooth express pedi which I love and I know these two will work perfectly together along with a slick of bright polish to stop my feet looking like they belong to a hobbit.

Next up tan! I’m fair… like super, super fair so I do like to pop on a little fake tan to take away my glow in the darkness! I’ve tried lots of different brands over the years… high end… low end…  some which smell awful (you know, that biscuity musky smell) and some which apply so blotchy you end up with an almost camouflage print to your skin! but the one I come back to time after time is Cocoa Brown 1 hour instant tan…


Cocoa Brown 1 Hr tan £5.29 (normally £7.99)


I love this product!! I’m not going to go into how to apply, lets face it we all know how to put fake tan on but for me the fact you can leave it on for an hour (or up to 3 for a deeper colour) then wash it off is brilliant! I hate sleeping in fake tan. I hate how it messes up my white sheets and I hate more than anything applying it wrong! With this you can see exactly where you’ve put the product.. so its idiot proof! and the colour it leaves you is gorgeous! Sun kissed and it does one heck of a job at hiding my pesky stretch marks and cellulite, I swear the back of my legs look I’ve been sat on a wicker chair!

And speaking of cellulite….


Superdrug Plastic Cellulite Massager £2.49

Now I know this isn’t a miracle worker, I know to really battle my cellulite I need to step away from the biscuit tin and do more squats, but in reality thats not gonna happen anytime soon so I’m going to hit my thighs hard with this bad boy and hope for the best! 

And finally to keep all the above maintained, a good body scrub!


Palmers Cocoa Body Scrub £4.99


I love this scrub! It contains cocoa nibs which gently exfoliate all of that awful dry skin away and cocoa butter, shea butter and vitamin E to help moisturise! Its quick too, just pop it on whilst you’re in the shower, give it a good rubbing then rinse off, perfect!

So there we have it, one step closer with getting myself summer ready. If you have any hero products you’d like to share, please let me know!

Have a fab week and lets hope theres more sunshine to come! 

Tracey xoxo

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