The Shirt Dress…

I’ve always been a fan of the shirt dress, Its one of those classic pieces that just fits into everyones wardrobe. Dressed up or down it’s such a versatile outfit option especially as the warmer months are on the way! I was browsing Pinterest searching for inspiration (instead of doing the ironing) and fell head over heals in love with this look…


Isn’t this just stunning. So classic and chic! I was so taken with this look that I actually bought a pattern so I could have a go at making my own! Needless to say the patten is still in the packet but I did have a quick look online to see if I could buy anything similar and I found this little beauty which is ticking all of the right boxes…


Maxi Shirt Dress Matalan £16

Ok I’m not a fan on how they’ve styled it but imagine it nipped in with a chunky black belt, the sleeves rolled back and some flats, it would look fabulous!


Next Wide Waist Belt £22


Cut-Out Flats £32

This one is a little heavier but again roll those sleeves back and you’re onto a winner!


Shorso Maxi Shirt Dress £38 (was £45)

If you’re quick you can nab this BooHoo Kimono style shirt dress for £12!

Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 19.26.41

Milly Kimono Shirt Dress £12 

How about something with a little embroidery? Yes it’s a little sheer but nothing a slip couldn’t sort out…


Embroidered Maxi Shirt Dress £21

Not a fan of black? How about this cute fluted sleeve shirt dress from New Look…

Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 19.42.07

New Look £22.99

I’m a sucker for a pocket and I love the gorgeous blush pink colour of this shirt dress by Native Youth…

Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 19.46.18

Native Youth Shirt Dress £45

And finally a dress I’ve ordered for my holidays! We’re heading to Lanzarote next week and I know I won’t want to take this shirt dress off…


Great Plains Lara Linen Patch Pocket Dress £65

It’s made from a really beautiful lightweight linen, perfect for when your sat sipping an ice cold glass of white whilst enjoying a light lunch in a gorgeous beachside restaurant (which I plan on doing every day!!) I’ll be popping a belt around the waist as being petit dresses this style can look a little boxy on me.

So there you have it! I hope you’ve seen something you like and if not here’s a little ‘Pinsperation’ to help persuade you…







Thank you for reading and enjoy the bank holiday! I’ll be helping the children eat their Easter Egg’s as soon as they’re tucked up in bed!

Tracey xoxo




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  1. Lovely dresses Tracey.
    I bought a khaki sleeveless shirt dress last year from Zara which was fabulous on my hols. I’m thinking I might wear it with a white shirt under for now … might look terrible but worth a play! Have an amazing holiday , Tracey xx

    • Thank you Tracey! Ooh its definitely worth a play! I’m under a mountain of packing at the moment 🙈 I hate packing!
      T x x

  2. Shirt dresses are my go to dress everytime 😊 love all the ones you have put up. Stylish as always 👊

  3. I bought a black shirt dress purely because of the first picture!! It’s so stunning! Just waiting for my GG belt (still on backorder!!) I got mine from boohoo and that’s thanks to you posting that pic on insta stories! 😘😘

    • I’ve seen the Boohoo one, Its gorgeous! I’ve got one from ASOS that I’ve not included here as it was in the sale and they only had limited sizes. I’ll show you next week 😉
      T xx

  4. Love the post Tracey. Recently bought a khaki shirt dress from H&M, worn it several times both with heels and flats depending on where I’m going, plus its perfect for hiding my post baby pounds that I’ve not managed to shift yet. Absolutely love the Topshop flats, perfect for spring/ summer and would go with most outfits. They will be added to my shopping list. Great blog!

    • Hi Louise! Ah thank you for reading! Darren was talking to me about the shirt dress you wore for Dans birthday and how nice it was! And give over, you look amazing!! I love those Toyshop flats, I may have ordered them…;)
      Catch you soon!
      T xxx

  5. I won’t lie I e been slightly shirt dress obsessed since reading this and now seem to need a double G belt too! I bought a floral one Matalan which is stunning, I think you may need it 😊

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