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Not sure if I’ve mentioned it but we’re going on holiday soon! I’m all for being beach body ready but with less than 5 weeks to go and a not so enthusiastic attitude to exercise I’m not holding out much hope! Plus I honestly find it such hard work! At 42 I’m not in the best shape of my life, I have cellulite, stretch marks and zero tone… like ZERO! I know to look at me in clothes you’re probably thinking whatever Tracey… but I have a serious relationship with carbs and I don’t plan to end it anytime soon! I have started doing a few 20 minute HIIT workouts in a morning but if I’m totally honest I don’t enjoy it… even afterwards when I should feel happy I’ve done it I don’t….My face is usually the colour of a beetroot and my legs are as wobbly as Bambi on ice! There’s no “Good for you Tracey for doing it” Instead it’s “I should have had another 20 minutes in bed!”

Love your bum!

Anyway I plan on cheating when it comes to my beach body and if I’m totally honest I don’t mind the way I look. Yes I’d like to walk up a set of stairs and not have my bum wobble in my swimsuit but unless I do tons of squats that’s not going to happen anytime soon! My body has put me through the mill over the years (babies, breastfeeding, weight gain and weight loss) so I’m learning to love the dimples and love lines (I saw stretch marks called that on Kerri *Life_with_ivycoco feed recently, such a lovely name for those pesky silvery squiggles!)

The things I do like to do though in preparation are all pretty simple and can be added to my already frantic mornings without making me late or loose my mind because no one has put their breakfast pots into the dishwasher!!

First up is dry body brushing. I find that after months in jeans and jumpers over winter the appearance of the skin on my arms and legs is so dull! It doesn’t help that shaving my legs takes a back seat so I also start adding that back into my morning shower (nothing too extreme though, I only do to the knee!) but first it’s brushing time! I find that long strokes starting at the back of my knees up towards my bum followed by some circling on the thigh helps to get the blood flowing! I then brush my arms from elbow to armpit, do a few circles on my tummy and thats it! I’m done. My brush is from the Body Shop I like the little handle!

After the shower its creaming up time! I like a light body moisturiser (I hate the sticky feeling when you put your clothes on) I use Aveeno daily moisturising lotion as I love the texture it isn’t too fragranced, it also doesn’t sit on the skin and if it can make Jennifer Aniston look 25 then I’m sold!

And finally it’s tan! I don’t wear tan over the winter (Lazy) but come spring I love to slather it on! I’ve tried lots over the years, some have been a success, others not so much (one brand didn’t turn me the golden brown it promised, more khaki green!!!) I have a few favourites …

I tried this last year after Kerry Anne Marlin recommended it on Instagram. There is no nasty smell and the application is lovely! I didn’t have streaks either… bonus!

I really love the colour this tan gives but it does have that biscuity smell… The tan does last for ages though and when it wears off it isn’t bitty (if you know what I mean!)

This was a bit of a chance purchase this year! I popped into Superdrug to pick up some tan and this had been reduced to 80p! I thought I’d give it a go and I’m glad I did, its a beautiful finish and no smell. The normal selling price is around £8, still good value!

I’m hoping the cheating will result in me looking like this….

I’ve told Darren not to hold his breath!
(image via Pinterest… obs!)

So that my friends is about it! I’m definitely low maintenance when it comes to my routine (more spit and polish than being polished!) but for me this is a good a place as any to start!

Tracey xoxo

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