‘Tis the season to be cosy…

Not to sound too cliché but where has this year gone?! I swear it was April a few moments ago, the month that the deck building started (OK I never ever want to go back there again) and we all started slathering ourself in fake tan ready to release our limbs to a glorious summer! But now the nights have drawn in, the air has that lovely smell of log burners and it’s time to start pulling out the cosies!


Oversized roll neck jumper Faux leather trousers Crock Saddle Bag

I’m hugely fond of this time of year, maybe its because I’m a November baby or maybe it’s because I love getting wrapped up in cosy knits and drinking Advocaat! Either way I’m embracing the cold and now we can finally say the C word without everyone taking a sharp intake of breath (of course I mean Christmas) we can dress in sequins and no one bats an eyelid!

Sequin skirt Faux fur jacket

Another thing I really love about this time of year is the lazy mornings, Staying in our PJ’s on a weekend until noon is my idea of bliss! Of course with the amount of work we’re doing on the house this isn’t always a reality so I think it makes the days that we can do it seem all the more special! 

My PJ’s  Ellie’s PJ’s

And I don’t think I could talk about winter without talking about the boots! I think I have around 20 pairs of boots (I know but please don’t judge me!) but my favourite kind for winter has to be the biker. They look so good with dresses, skirts, leggings, jeans, PJ’s…. Ok not PJ’s I was just checking you were still reading 😉 and they are comfy!! Once you find a great pair, for me thats leather, they will love you as long as you love and care for them!

Black biker boots

They look great with the skirt don’t they! 

As always thank you for reading!


*This post is written in collaboration with Very. All photographs and words are my own

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